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2017-18 Student Activities

Picnic with a Parent - 5/30/18

To celebrate the end of the year, parents and families brough picnic lunches for students and the PTSA provided refreshing popsicles for all students, grades K-6. It was a truly special experience to have so many of our families together at one time and to celebrate the end of a great first year!


GLC family


GLC family


Table-Top Board Game Club - 5/17/18

In May, the Table-Top Board Game Club wrapped up a semester of afterschool meetings during which students learned collaboration, strategy, sportsmanship, and more while playing classic and current table-top board games. High school volunteers from the El Diamante CA Scholastic Federation (CSF) assisted.






A & W Share Night - 5/2/18

GLC students and families came out in droves to support our first annual A & W Share Night which raises money for school activities.


Ms Alvarado with GLC family


GLC staff


Ms Robinson with GLC student


1st Annual World's Fair - 4/13/18

GLC first annual World's Fair was a huge success! This was in large part due to the very hard work of the World's Fair Committee, teachers, staff, and volunteers who organized and facilitated the many games and crafts. All activities drew on actual games and crafts from a different countries, and students received stamps in their "passport" for each activity that they joined.


Ice Fishing (Iceland)


Chopstick Challenge (China)


Origami (Japan)


Track - 3/1/18

GLC's first-ever track team took shape in March. There was a ton of student interest and we had a super-sized track team for our school size! Students set personal and performance goals, practiced twice a week, and competed in several VUSD track meets.


Coach Stacy instructs on shot put


GLC track fans


Never Give Up!


Never Give Up!


Dr. Seuss Read-Aloud - 3/2/18

To celebrate Dr. Seuss week, we had over 20 different readers visit classrooms to read Dr. Seuss and other great books to students. 


Ms. Mohs class




The One and Only Ivan Book Discussion - 1/31/18

In January, GLC hosted it's first ever book panel and discussion. All grade 5 and 6 students attended the book discussion. Panel members were Dr. Todd Oto (Superintendent), Ms. Gaebe (Elemtnary Area Superintedent), and Angela Sanchez (Secondary Area Superintendent). Students prepared questions and video-taped responses for each class. Following each video segment, the panelists had an opportunity to answer the question.


Book study panel


SCICON Rescue Birds - 1/26/18

Mr. Jim Crew, a SCICON naturalist and Friends of SCICON board member, brought several rescue birds from SCICON to share with grade K-2 students. Birds included a red-tailed hawk, barn owl, great-horned owl, and turkey vulture. Mr. Crew also brought owl pellets that classes later dissected to learn more about what owls eat and how they digest their food.


Great Horned Owl


"Ornaments from Around the World" Craft Night - 12/11/17

The week before school dismissed for winter break, students, parents, and staff got together to make "Ornaments from Around the World". Students and families made: fingerprint Christmas tree cards (Canada); Chinese symbol ornaments (China); Khamsa good luck hands (Morocco); Matryoshka dolls (Russia); woven Danish hearts (Denmark); beaded candy canes (Germany); Parol lantern lights (Phillipines); and national flags (international). Thank you to the PTSA for making this event possible!


Parol Lantern Lights (Philippines)


Khamsa Hands (Morocco)


Ornaments from Around the World


Fresno State Physics Outreach - 12/8/17

Grade 5 and 6 students were treated to a highly informative and interactive presentation by Fresno State students as part of the university's Physic Outreach program. 


CSUF Physics Outreach


CSUF Physics Outreach


WorldLink and YES Exchange Student Presentations - 11/17/18

International students participating in the WorldLink and YES cultural exchange programs visited GLC to make presentations to students at all grade levels regarding their country, culture, and international experiences. It was a huge success and we look forward to making this an annual event!


WorldLink and YES students



Aircraft Carrier Pilot Presentation - 11/13/17

Grade 5 and 6 students experienced a first-hand description of aircraft carriers from Mr. Meinhardt and Mr. Switzer, aircraft carrier pilots. The pilots captivated the students' interest sharing not only what life is like on an aircraft carrier, but also the role and importance of aircraft carriers in times of peace and conflict.


Aircraft carrier pilots


Stuff the Trolley - 11/8/17

GLC students participated in the Stuff the Trolley event, which is a collaboration with Food Link of Tulare County to gather food for people in need during the Thanksgiving and holiday season.


Stuff the Trolley


TCOE Students of Character - 10/10/17

GLC student, Jacob Ngrete, was recognized by the TCOE as a Character Counts! honoree for Caring. Each day after school, Jacob Negrete enters the office, greets administrators and office personnel politely, and asks how our day was. He then asks if there is anything he can do to help us. He never interrupts and always speaks in a caring and helpful tone. Jacob volunteers to pick up the cones in our parking lot areas. He has never been asked to do this, but he saw that a need existed and stepped right in to fill that need!


TCOE Character Counts!


Journeys to the Past - 10/30/17

Grade 3 and 4 students were treated to an inspiring performance by Jacque Nunez featuring a journey back in time to a California indian village, the Village of Acjachamai. Ms. Nunez shared stories, realia, and opportunities for shared meaning-making. Students walked away with not only a better understanding of Native Americnan experiences, but also the importance of their own.


Journeys to the Past


Global Read-Aloud - 10/11/17

Grades 5 and 6 participated in the Global Read-Aloud by reading The Long Walk to Water, along with students from around the world. The event culminated with students coming early to school to watch a live webinar with the book's author, Linda Sue Park, and hero, Salva Dut. Salva Dut was a part of the Dinka tribe and a Sudanese Lost Boy.


Global Read-Aloud


Kids on the Block - 10/10/17

The Visalia Assistance League (VAL) provided two excellent puppet shows to help students better understand the negative effects of bullying and the importance of empathy in understanding differences. 

Kids on the Block


Kids are Different


Fire Safety Assembly - 10/9/17

Visalia firefighters shared important fire safety precautions with grade 3/4 students. Students learned how to prevent fires as well as what to do in case of a fire.

Visalia Fire Fighters


Visalia Fire Fighters


Solar Eclipse - 8/21/17

Consistent with our philosophy of relevant and experiential learning experiences, GLC took advantage of the solar eclipse to teach important scientific concepts. Students in grades K-2 followed live updates in their classrooms, while students in grades 3-6 observed the event in person. Students were instructed regarding safety precautions and made use of several different strategies to track the path of the sun.



Tracking shadows


First Day of School - 8/10/17

GLC's first day of school was an exciting event! The ABC 30 Action News crew was on hand to mark the big event with live coverage starting at 5:00 AM!

ABC 30 Action News van


News crew and grade 5/6 team